Friday, July 26, 2019

Our Land of Azurth party in Hero Forge

Tragically, Hero Forge still doesn't have a frog folk race option, so poor Waylon gets left out, but we've it can replicate the other members of the party pretty well:

Erekose, Human Fighter

Shade, Elf Ranger

Bellmorae, Dragonkin Sorcerer

Kairon, Demonlander Sorcerer

Kully, Human Ranger

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tug said...

I made an OK HeroForge Waylon a while back using the Tortle body and removing the shell. So the head is obviously off from what I wanted, but I'll send you the screenshot if you want to post it.
Supposedly the Eldrich Foundry Kickstarter I backed will eventually have frog folk, so fingers crossed that's sooner rather than later.