Sunday, August 18, 2019

Garage Sale

My local gaming store (Firefly Toys & Games) had a "Gamer Garage Sale" where they sold old games that folks had brought in. Not a lot of rpg stuff, but some. In picked up the box set, Gary Gygax's Hall of Many Panes for five bucks, the Exalted boardgame War for the Throne, and most randomly this miniature, paper Old West town, and assorted Western miniatures. They're all different scales (H/0, 00, 1:72), but hey, that's an impulse buy for you.

Read for that next Boot Hill game, I guess.


SF said...

H/0, 00, 1:72 -- HO is 1:87, right? And if I'm remembering right, OO is compatible with HO track? So they're all in the same ballpark -- probably more similar that the hodgepodge my son and I regularly use for gaming!

Trey said...

Yeah, OO is 1:76.2, so they aren't too far apart.

Jay Exonauts said...

TINY COWBOYS FTW! I'd have snapped those up as well! :-D