Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Thundarr Roadtrip

I ran across a podcast yesterday that is reviewing the the episodes of Thundarr the Barbarian in way that sensibly traces Thundarr and crew's travels across post-apocalyptic North America and beyond. It's called appropriately Thundarr Road.


JB said...

How the heck do you find this stuff?!

As a huge fan of the series (both as a kid and an adult), I will be sure to check out these podcasts. I've actually been thinking a lot about Thundarr lately (thinking about post-apocalyptic fantasy tends to do that, especially when I see the DVD collection staring at me eye level from my shelf), and was even considering some sort of series of blog posts on the episodes myself!

But why bother reinventing the wheel? Thanks for hipping us to this.
: )

lige said...

There's some unlicensed miniatures too:

Matthew Schmeer said...

Funny thing about Thundarr . . . people seem to get on the same vibe at the same time. For instance, I came across this a few days ago:

JB said...

It's cyclical.

Dr. Obscure said...

Just now seeing this. I am just finishing up a Thundarr rewatch, interspersing the episodes with the podcast. I'm real bummed they didn't complete the series.