Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wednesday Comics: New Comics

I've been on a diet of back issues during the pandemic related stop/slowdown of new comics, but picked up my first new releases in over a month last week.

Jason Aaron's and R.M. Guéra's grim, Book of Genesis derived, fantasy but this time without Cain--at least in the first issue. Instead, it concerns religious cult that operate a home for young girls who they offer up as brides to "angels" as they come of age. A marriage that often ends in the wife's death and leads to the birth of monstrous offspring. Two of the girls plot to make their escape.

This was not what I expected in the second volume of the series, but it's just as engaging as the first.

I've mentioned this science fiction series set in a post-climate-change-apocalypse America before. It continues to an intriguing story in an interesting setting.


JB said...

Huh. I missed your post on Protector back in March. It sounds a bit like Roy's earlier Habitat (but that might be a wild assumption on my part). What kind of post-apoc vibe is it? More Mad Maxy cannibals? Or more "new civ" society like Xenozoic Tales? Or something else.

[also from that former post, whatever happened with Starship Down? Is that still going?]

The Goddamned sounds like an interesting spin on the Lilith myth.

Trey said...

More "roughly Native American at the time of colonization" sort of societies with the added ancient tech. It's pretty far in the future. Unclear how far, but thousands of years, I think.