Monday, September 28, 2020

Star Trek Endeavour: The Clarity of Crystal

Episode 2:
Player Characters: 
The Crew of the USS Endeavour, NCC-1895, Constitution Class Starship (refit):
Andrea as Lt. Ona Greer, Chief Engineer Officer and Lt. Taryn Loy, Geologist
Bob as Capt. Robert Locke
Gina as Cmdr. Isabella Hale, Helm Chief
Jason as Lt. Francisco Otomo, Chief Security Officer
Eric As Lt.Cmdr. Tavek, Science Officer
Tug as Dr. Azala Vex, Trill Chief Medical Officer

Synposis: Checking in on the research station on the inhospitable Erebus III, the crew of the Endeavour discovers the unscrupulous head of the station is drugging the scientist in an attempt to make psionic contact with an ancient crystalline computer network.

Commentary: This is an adventure I wrote based off a session for a Star Trek Starships & Spacemen game back in 2013. When this group finishes the adventure, I may redo the notes to be Star Trek Adventures congruent and reshare them.

This adventure (inadvertently) featured yet another planet you couldn't transport down to. I'll have to avoid that in future adventures.


Dick McGee said...

Ah, Roddenberry wasn't shy about blocking transporters at the drop of a hat either. They were wonderful for saving on the SFX budget for shuttle shots and let you speed up the pace of a story when needed, but the minute they got in the way of creating a plot obstacle, BAM! Random energy field, deflectors need to stay on, sudden systems failure, angry space gods interfere, you name it, something would keep the darned thing from working until the script said so.

'gina said...

At least I managed to put her down a little easier this time, so I did. She ain't broke.

-Lt. Hale

Anne said...

Both the crystalline computer network and the psychic interface sound really cool! Did the unscrupulous scientist manage to make contact before the heroes intervened?