Thursday, December 10, 2020

Quest for Chicken

This past Sunday, our Land of Azurth 5e game continued with the party stopped in their preparations to leave Sapphire City on their way to Virid by a request for aid from two youths: Tagg and Dynda. These kids are from the village of Ffalgo near the Sang border. They've been suffering form a famine that blighted their crop and sickened their animals placed on them by a wandering warlock. 

They have a desperate plan to seek out a castle close by in Sang where there is supposed to be a never-ending supply of meat, specifically chicken, waiting for someone to claim it. Sang is dangerous and the elders of Ffalgo are cowardly, so they won't go, but these teens hope heroes will try. The party agrees.

The party is the guest of the village overnight, then the teens lead them to the border where they can take the black road made of some mysterious, durable material to the castle. 

On the way, they are attacked by small, reptilian creatures operating a smoke belching siege machine of some sort. The party's attacks blow the machine up, greatly disappointing Waylon the Frogling who had hoped to claim it on their own. 

When they arrive at the castle, they find it isn't a castle at all but some sort of fenced complex. A sign names it the "Gander Foods - Chicken Plant." Their first attempt to enter leads to Shade getting an electric shock, but the party is persistent.



Dick McGee said...

So, you might say there's afamine in Ffalgo, then? :)

I find myself wondering how many people get the joke on that one these days.

You do know there's a range of 28mm minis available these days, right?

Trey said...

You could indeed!

Yeah, I've seen those chickens online. Pretty cool.

JB said...

Is this an adaptation of GW2?

Because, you know, that's all kinds of awesome.
; )

Trey said...

Just don't tell my players!

JB said...

Hey, man: now I want to do the same thing (that adventure is one of my faves).
: )

Brutorz Bill said...

What a fantastic idea!!!