Monday, July 19, 2021

Random Dying Earths

Here are a few random tables to create the barebones of your own Dying Earth setting.

What's happening?
1 The Sun is going dark
2 The Sun is becoming a red giant
3 The Earth is just worn out
4 The universe is ending (the Big Crunch)
5 The universe is just worn out
6 Reality has changed in some way

What's the environment like on Earth?
1 Ok for now
2 Desert or becoming desert
3 Frozen over in ice
4 Dark and mostly barren of life
5 heavily polluted
6 overrun by some new/mutant lifeform

Art by Darrell Sweet

Earthly civilization is:
1 Dependent on magic
2 Post-technological and primitive
3 Primitive
4 Utterly reliant on machines they don't understand

Prevailing mindset?
1-2 Decadent and cruel
3-4 Fatalistic and world-weary
5-6 Innocent and ignorant


JB said...

I like it all. But I think I prefer to NOT have one "prevailing mindset;" rather, different mindsets in different regions of the Dying Earth.

semiurge said...

cool & inspirational