Monday, October 31, 2022

Broken Compass: Incident on the Hooghly

My alternate Sundays gaming group played its third session of Broken Compass continuing the "Quest for the Serpent Throne" adventure in the Golden Age sourcebook. Paul joined the group playing the Dwayne Johnson-esque pregen Sam Stone I had created for an adventure with my other gaming group.

His strength and brawling skill was much appreciated when the Sumar Nagarani's goons attacked them in the night, trying to get the naga shell. O'Sullivan, Stilton, Stone managed to escape the boat, bringing Professor Ram with them. O'Sullivan commandeered the shuttle boat and guided them to the shore to make camp as he figured it would be impossible to navigate the rapids in the dark. 

O'Sullivan took first watch and his keen hunter instincts allowed him to kill one menacing tiger with a literal shot in the dark and scare off the other. Once everyone got to sleep after being startled awake by the rifle shot, the rest of the night based uneventfully.

We are still getting used to the Broken Compass system but I continue to like it. It moves pretty quick in play. Some aspects (only players rolling and enemies only having one stat) lead to it requiring some thought about how to accomplish certain types of action, particularly things done to require some sort of advantage or give the enemy a disadvantage (the terms used here in the general sense, not in the game mechanics sense). Also the lack of a rules summary, I still continue to feel keenly.

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