Monday, January 30, 2023

The Rise of the Orc

 Orcs first appear in the annals of history in the Age of the Wizard-Kings. Though they had already been mutated from pre-cataclysm humanity, they were at that point less divergent than today. As highly organized military bands, they raided across the mountains and into the lands of the Wizard-Kings. They were greatly feared due to their mastery of some of the lost technology of humankind. 

Latter day scholars have been skeptical on this point, but surviving writings from the era make it clear the Orc bands struck rapidly through the use of motorized conveyances. Their depredations further destabilized the fractious, petty kingdoms and hastened the end of the Age. The chaos that followed, however, was damaging to Orc culture as well, and those in the East did not retain much of their technology in the aftermath.

The Orcs see themselves as the defenders and preservers of High Human Culture. They wish to restore a perhaps-mythic paradise called Murka. The fierce war eagle is their symbol for this land and for their own people. The ancestors of the Orcs apparently survived much of the devastation of the collapse of previous human civilization by moving underground, and modern Orcs continue to be at least semi-subterranean. They believe in the necessity of keeping their race "pure," and tend to remain apart from other peoples. They have a reverence for items of technology and often worship ancient machines with grisly sacrifices. 

Orc knowledge of ancient technology is generally more advanced peoples. Some Orcish groups in known regions have abandoned the marauding ways of their ancestors, but not their love of technology. They often make a living as tinkers or mountebanks.

There is said to be a still-thriving Orc Empire to the West in possession of powerful and frightening ancient weapons of war.


James Mishler said...


Do some tribes also worship a bloodstained golden idol?

Where did you find these images? What shows are they from?

Trey said...

It's a distinct possibility. The top one is from the 70s Roddenberry pilot Planet Earth and the bottom is a Tellarite from Star Trek: Discovery

JB said...

As an old timey 40K player, I can always appreciate an orcish battle wagon.
; )

James Mishler said...

Wow, they went full Klingon on that Tellarite...