Monday, March 27, 2023

Mythic Exalted: Lookshy

The city-state of Lookshy is pretty easy to get a handle on: it's Sparta-Shogun era Japan to the Realm's Imperial China-Imperial Rome. "Sparta-Shogun era Japan" is a pretty nice combo for a more Sword & Sorcery Exalted, so it's an easy one to work with.

The name I'm not to fond of though. I'd say it's a bad transliteration of Lukshi or Luk Shi, so that's easy enough to fix. Given it's origins as the holding of an old Realm legion, I think its Sparta character should really be pushed in a Republican Rome sort of direction (making the Realm more later Empire or even Byzantium) to take into account their conservative adherence to traditions likely abandoned in the Realm.

Visually, I think I would go with the Japanese influence, but use the look of armor from an earlier era than the more Tokugawa illustrations in things like The Scavenger Lands.

Add a few Roman Legion flourishes and maybe more Greek style helmets for parades and I think it works.

A difficult bit for a lower-powered, Sword & Sorcery take on things are the warstriders. I think they are easy enough to remove, but I don't really believe that's necessary. Mecha type things are not without precedent in four-color Sword and Sorcery, at least: 

I think they get easier to envision if they look like Daimajin above or maybe the Shogun Warriors. Maybe a bit less colorful that those guys.

One interesting tidbit from the initial setting description is the mention of Lookshy (Luk Shi!) Dragon-Blooded intermarrying with a "federation of outcaste bandits" called the Forest Witches. Maybe I missed it, but the Forest Witches don't seem to show up again in Scavenger Sons or 2nd edition material. It's not a major point, but it makes me think of both the "rivers and lakes" of the Jianghu and Fuqua's King Arthur, with the Forest Witches as the Picts. Jianghu Picts, perhaps?

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