Monday, August 21, 2023

Classic TV Flashback

Over at the Flashback Universe Blog, Jason Sholtis and I have started a series where we watch an episode or two of some "classic" TV show we find on streaming and blog about it. So, far we've watched Mr. Lucky (good) and Gigantor (less good)--a post that debuts tomorrow. 

If you're entertainment starved, might be worth a read.

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Dick McGee said...

By odd coincidence, I've been sluggishly binging through Mr. Lucky over the last few weeks after it popped up in a random youtube rec. Agree that it's quite good, although I do think it took a real hit when the sponsors (the Lever soap company) insisted on changing the gambling ship into a floating restaurant in an attempt to distance themselves from gambling following the 950s quiz show cheating scandals. The stories after that, at least of the ones I've seen. Apparently didn't help ratings much either after a very strong start, and when the sponsor backed out at the end of their contract the network couldn't find a replacement and axed the show. Not a great end for a fun show.