Friday, April 19, 2024

Solar Queen

Our Action Tales system sci-fi game continued last Sunday with the group going aboard the spaceliner, Solar Queen to get the untraceable credit stick to pay a group of pirates for a captured Martian vessel which supposedly contained classified data potentially useful to the Earth freedom fighters. Things didn't exactly go smooth, though, as there were more Ares Corp agents waiting in Chandra Roberts' stateroom.

The battle was in a confined spaced and unorthodox. Zarek and Rusty pushed one agent into the bathroom and beat him unconscious. Ryne flipped a mattress over on another and Ariana stunned him with an electrolaser blast through it. In the end, the agents were defeated and stolen keycards and some fast talking convinced ship security that they party were in law enforcement.

Out at the edge of the spaceport, they found the newly repainted and repaired "salvage" in Bay 11. They turned over the credit stick and took possession of the Rowdy Yates. They did some quick, preflight checks, then blasted off for a 10 hour flight to their rendezvous station. 

They were only a few hours out of Luna when they were hailed by the Martian cruiser Yangwei. Captain Willard Tang demanded they prepare for boarding. 

They party elected not to do that. Hesperos did some fancy flying, aided by the ship's powerful drive, and manged to race out ahead of the other vessel, but the high G maneuvers caused several of the party to lose consciousness. Quickly everyone had had time to strap in.


Dick McGee said...

Rowdy Yates, eh? Are all your sessions titled "Incident of/at Something or Other" then? :)

I mean, I did a Deadlands adventure called "Night of the Bleeding Ghost Rock" one time.

Trey said...

Nice! Titled like a Wild, Wild, West episode.

Dick McGee said...

Can't have too much Wild Wild West in one's roleplaying, after all. Outside of Castle Falkenstein the references are few and far between.

Rawhide episodes are pretty darn good for mining ideas too, especially if you can re-skin the herd into something that fills a similar role. A rag-tag fleet of civilian refugee ships, for ex.