Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Setting Ideas I'll Probably Never Run, but Still Think About

I've posted a lot of setting riffs on this blog over the years and others on various social media platforms. Most of these are just ideas. All of them I think would be cool, but some definitely speak to me as something I would want to run more than others.

Here are a few that I have definitely considered running but for various reasons have never got around to and honestly, probably never will.

Talislanta: Planet of Adventure: Using Talislanta's world as a Planetary Romance setting for the players would be crashed space travelers.

Wuxia-fied Fantasy: Not in way of the old OA, more creating a secondary world with a number of wuxia traits. For added fun (or madness!), I'd like to use a fairly heavily modified version of MERPs Middle-Earth as the setting.

Solar Wars: Star Wars set in our Solar System, either pulpy or more hard sci-fi. Actually, it's a toss up between which I'd want to run more: Solar Wars or Solar Trek.

Cold War Planescape: A bit like a combination of Planescape, White Wolf's Mage, and some John Le Carre novel, with an appropriate dosage of William S. Burroughs.

Spelljammer by way of Flash Gordon: Spelljammer that feels a bit more like early sci-fi or Sword & Planet fiction.


John L said...

Interesting ideas. Two settings I've toyed with but not committed much work to are

Firstly a fantasy version of the year 1000AD, with vikings, normans, saxons, celts and byzantines all competing for power and wealth over the ruins of the roman empire. Christians, muslims and pagans all have their own priests wielding their own variants of divine power. Celts of course have druids.

Secondly a really pulpy weird fantasy, inspired by a mix of Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith with a bit of Robert E Howard, Moorcock and Fritz Leiber. Think Appendix N but without Tolkein or his derivatives.

Trey said...

I like both of those!

James Mishler said...

I've always wanted to do Space:1939, with Solar War II in a modified version of the world of Space: 1889. Politics continued pretty much exactly as otherwise before in the RW, though with the added planets and situations, and a bit more advanced tech. Pulpy-Flash Gordony-Indiana Jonesy.

An easy-peasy setting.

Finding players, though...

Jack Tremain said...

Wuxia with MERP sounds awesome. If I recall correclty, merp did monks by having them deal concuss or animal -type criticals and when reading them it made much sense. I'd love to play it. Contact me if you run it online or something.

My platonic alternative setting to D&D would be also wuxia inspired, but only a sketchy dream still: A world is made of small planets in a breathable atmosphere which can be travelled by "flying" in zero gravity. Finding specific planets is almost impossible and travel is mostly random and non-repeatable, but the only thing that is a constant through the whole system are the practice of martial arts and the sanctity of one vs one duels.

Trey said...

Too true!

Trey said...

Cool high concept