Thursday, April 22, 2010

Names to Conjure With

A really good name for a character in fiction is a marvellous thing.  Some very good writers just don't have the naming facility, while others, perhaps less talented in some respects, have a great knack for it.  In alphabetical order, here are fifteen of my favorite names from fiction of the fantastic (and one comic book series)...Or at least there a sampling of those favorites I can recall at the moment.  How many do you recognize?
  • Anasurimbor Kellhus
  • Caladan Brood
  • Dorian Hawkmoon
  • Druss
  • Eldred Jonas
  • Feyd-Rautha
  • Jherek Carnelian
  • Kull
  • Smaug
  • Susheeng
  • Syzygy Darklock
  • Tars Tarkas
  • Tempus Thales
  • Tobias Moon
  • Uther Doul
As a bonus, here are some organizations from fiction with cool names:
  • The Blasphemous Accelerators
  • The Big Coffin Hunters
  • The Bloody Mummers
  • The Deacon Blues
  • The Galrogs
  • The Silent Oecumene


Fran Terminiello said...

T, K, and A are useful for making a good name it seems.

If i'm stuck for a name i tend to grab two halves of a standard name and mash them together.

another is to look at a page in the nearest book or magazine and will any latent dyslexia i might have to scramble up a name.

for female characters it's always tempting to add an A on the end but with my last fem pc i went against this, i think it makes her more dynamic

Jim Shelley said...

No love for Bilbo Baggins? (one of my all time faves)
I also have always liked John Gaunt (Grimjack's real name)

Trey said...

@Dungeonmum - I confess I have a predilection for "T" names. Maybe because of my own. ;)

@Jim - Bilbo Baggins does what it needs to, but I don't really think of it as cool.