Thursday, April 8, 2010

Peoples of Arn: Llysans

To the east, across the sea from Arn, lies the diabolical apostasy of the Kingdom of Llys. Though a former colony of Thystara, and a former bastion of the Issian faith, a cruel and foolish king opened the door for a revolution supported by diablerie, and the rise of a new aristocracy who treat with the denizens of the Hells to support their decadent rule.

Centuries ago, before the fall to infernalism, Llys sought in religious zeal to expand into Arn. Eastern areas of Arn fell under their sway, and crusader fiefdoms were established. Under later, inept monarchs, these fiefdoms gained greater and greater independence. After the revolution, Llys was in no position to reassert control, and in fact, the expatriate Llysan population in Arn was bolstered by refugees. This region continues as a remnant of Llys-that-was within Arn. Later, young Llysans nobles and even veteran commoners came to Arn as filibusters, seeking to reclaim the old territory and conquer new in the name of their dread queen--but mostly for their own enrichment and glory.

The majority of Llysans trace their ancestry to the sharp-featured Deaslith people of Llys and the Old Thystaran Empire it sprang from. Most have dark hair and eyes and pale skin, though many in Llys, and many more in Llysan Arn, show the traits of admixturing with the fairhaired, and often ruddier complected, Ilsdaana peoples.

Llysans have a reputation as aesthetes, and sticklers for concerns of honor and etiquette. They are often stereotyped as vain and supercilious by other ethnic groups of Arn, but also as highly cultured.

MANY LLYSANS (roll 1d20 3 times):
1. Think of themselves as superior to other cultural groups.
2. Proselytize about the glories of Issus the Revelator.
3. Dress in the finest garments they can afford.
4. Take pinches of analeptic zauphur snuff from tiny snuff boxes.
5. Deride those not of the Issian faith as heathens.
6. Have their family coat of arms on their shields or surcoats.
7. Call the Kael "savages."
8. Pray to Issus before battle.
9. Quote Thystaran or Llysan literary works.
10. Defer to their social "betters."
11. Expect their social "inferiors" to defer to them.
12. Use peoples formal titles, and expect the same courtesy.
13. Duel over offenses to their honor.
14. Wear perfume.
15. Fastidiously trim their facial hair (if applicable).
16. Know courtly dances.
17. Prefer wine to beer or liquor.
18. Think all Hazandi are thieves.
19. Claim chastity as a virtue, but don't practice it.
20. Aspire to restore the Issian faith to their homeland.

SOME LLYSANS (roll 1d10 once):
1. Are diabolists--perhaps secretly.
2. Carry folding fans.
3. Are paupers, but live beyond their means.
4. Pretend social rank they don't have.
5. Are the illegitimate child of a noble.
6. Regale companions with the deeds of obscure (perhaps fictional) Issian saints.
7. Have a weapon of quality, which is a family heirloom.
8. Compulsively vow to do various valorous deeds.
9. Carry the favor of a mysterious paramour.
10. Have a lackey or squire.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting details on these people. I am going to snag this.

Trey said...

Thanks! I hope its useful.

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

I didn't really like these Many Some Few things when I saw them in Fight On! Still don't, random background doesn't appeal to me. But, looking over these I see it's a concise way to define and "colorize" a group of people. Easier than paragraphs of text for a player to look over and get a quick feel of what makes these guys unique. Also, seems like a good writing/creative exercise for DM.

I'm gonna try it!

Trey said...

Your thought progression sort of mirrors mine. I'm not really so much into it as a way to define a single character, but more to give player's an easy handle on what a group is like, and springboards on how they might play one.