Monday, November 8, 2010

Adrift Amid the Random Isles

If your players find themselves, like Captain Bill Clanton and the two Javasuan maidens above, adrift in the South Seas, you might need to know that sort of island they ultimately wash up on. For just such an occasion, I present the Random Island Generator:

Island Type (d10):
01-02: Volcanic (extinct)
03-05: Volcanic (active)
06-07: Mountain top of a drowned continent
08-09: Coral atoll
  10:  Exotic (man-made, giant turtle, floating, etc.)

Island Size (these are all small in a general sense--that’s why they’re uncharted) (d6):
01: Very small (1-10 sq. mi.)
02-03: Small (11-49 sq. mi.)
04-05: Medium (50-200 sq. mi.)
06: Large (201-1000 sq. mi.)

Inhabitants (d6):
01: None
02-03: Animals
04-05: Intelligent Creatures (then see below)
06: Special

Intelligent Creatures (d12):
01-02: Crabmen
03: Lava Children (active volcanic only)
04-05: Sahuagin
06-08: Humanoid
08-10: Human
11-12: Exotic (tiny humans, giants, animal-headed, etc.)

Civilization (d100):
01-11: cannibal
12-15: peaceful
16-25: war-like women (50% man-hating, 50% man-hungry)
26-35: feuding tribes
36-45: Gender-split, feuding
46-55: Cargo cult
56-65: Lost colony, highly developed
66-75: Lost colony, devolved
76-80: Seeming utopia
81-91: Remnant of a great civilization
92-00: Other (monster-worshipping, alien, etc.)

Unique Monster (if desired) (d6):
01-03: Giant animal
04: Froghemoth
05: Living Statue(s)
06: Earth-bound god


Jim Shelley said...

Very cool Island generator - the Froghemoth is an inspired addition!

James Maliszewski said...

If you need them, here are Labyrinth Lord stats for the beastie:

Harald said...

While I am against random tables as a principle, I really like this one. In fact, I think this is my favourite random table of all time :)

And seriously, what's up with the Froghermoth?!?

Anonymous said...

More pictures have surfaced from my adventures overseas. Not really in order, but one thing leads to another.

Another awesome post, Trey!

Trey said...

@Jim - Thanks. I feel like froghemoth is an idea always looking for a place to bloom. ;)

@James - Thanks for the link. That just might come in handy...

@Harald - Thanks, Harald. I generally like random tables not so much for the randomness, but for the inspiration. All of mine are presented in that spirit. What's up with the froghemoth? That's kind of a Zen koan.

@Vaults - Bat, you should really stop posting those pics on the net where I can find 'em. Glad you liked it.

Harald said...

You know how you've never heard of a thing, and then once you do, it shows up all over the place? That's what the Froghermoth has done today.

It's still a silly monster.

Trey said...

A silly monster that's now stalking you across the internet...

Harald said...