Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter is Coming: Pics Prove It

I know I'm not the only one excited about the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones based on George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, and the more set pictures I see, the more I feel like they're getting it right.  Entertainment Weekly's got a whole series of pics on their website.

I'm glad the armor and clothing have more of a historical feel than is generally the case for TV fantasy (like the recent Legend of the Seeker).

Here's Stark sons Bran and Jon Snow.  Barrington (Snow) isn't really how I pictured him, but that's to be expected.

I think Nikolaj Coste-Waldau is great choice for Jaime Lannister--and check out that armor.

Daenerys' costume does seem a little generic fantasy-ish, though Emilia Clarke wears it well.


Chris said...

IIJM, or is Weta's house 'look' for fantasy becoming more stereotyped and rigidly codified with each film series they do? (LOTR --> Narnia --> SOI&F)

I'm not saying a 'house style' is necessarily bad; but it does run the risk of making Weta 'the industry standard' of fantasy, rather than the innovative breath of fresh air they were in 2000 or so...

(insert "Song of Delays" grumble here)

netherwerks said...

@Chris is right--these are very pretty, but also sort of same-old, same-old, in terms of the overall look and feel. It would have been nice to see a bit more innovations, some use of Gothic or Maxmillian style bits of plate, or some well-done brigandine bits, but it does look a lot better than the typical Eighties crap. And you're right, Emilia Clark wears artfully-tattered rags very well.

Aos said...

It's not just the costumes that give it that LoTR look; it's the washed out color palette too. Ugh.
I've enjoyed the books somewhat, but the glacial pace of the story is a little tiring. I have other issues as well, but I wont clog up Trey's comments with them.

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to this, that's for sure. But I do have some reservations as well. Without going in depth, let's just say that Daenerys's costume does not help (Martin could have waited one or two books to include that plot-line, imo.)

LoneIslander said...

Ugggg, this makes me want to get HBO again