Friday, November 12, 2010

More Images from the City

Where you’d never expect it.  The famous Ealderdish hit-man Anton Mocata--known as “the Ghost”--was responsible for 112 (known) murders before he was finally brought to justice.  His use of a magic ring conferring the power to open dimensional doorways allowed him to strike easily at even the most well-protected targets.

Adventurer prepares to enter the belly of the beast.  The preserved carcass of a great leviathan in a melting iceberg offers a challenge.  Groups of adventures raced to be the first make the treacherous descent into the creature's gullet to see what ship-bound treasures it might have swallowed in life.

Night of the Vermilion Butterfly.  A secret society among some of the joy-girls in brothels of both the City and San Tiburon Yiantowns rose up to challenge the Yianese criminal guilds.

A danger even to itself.  An Ebon-Land basilisk, petrified by its on gaze and a clever adventurer with a mirror, was put on display Empire Park.

Frontier Adventure.  A scene from a comic book adaptation of James Ynismore Drakeland’s beloved Buckskin Tales, depicting an encounter with a "rustic giant" out of the Smaragdines.


Jim Shelley said...

Night of the Vermilion Butterfly - sounds like a Wild Wild West episode I may have missed! ;)

Love the idea of a game that takes place in the belly of a dead leviathan!

LoneIslander said...

Seems pretty cool to me

ze bulette said...

I really like that vintage robot or dive suit photo.

christian said...

I love how evocative the stories and the images are. Well done, sir!

Unknown said...

Damn good hooks, and a bloody brilliant set of pictures. I confess I find myself marvelling at how easy the third one is to look at.

Trey said...

Thanks guys!

@Jim - I didn't think of the WWW title similarity as I wrote it, caight it as I was proof-reading and it made me chuckle.

@Ze Bulette - On the site I got it from there wasn't consensus on the exact vintage or origin of the picture, but most concurred it was a diving suit.

@Harald - Given the proclivities of pulp and men's adventure artists, I could fill a whole post with pics "easy on the eyes."