Friday, December 17, 2010

Seeking Answers?

Occasionally, I've been asked questions about the City and the Strange New World (some in person, some via email) by the inquisitive among you.  Maybe the answers to some of these will be of interest to others...

Does the City have a name other than just “the City?”
I sort of dealt with this way back in my first post introducing the City. It does have an “official” name, which I’ll probably save to reveal in Weird Adventures--not that its anything spectacular, but I’ve got to retain some mystery, haven’t I?

This world’s history seems to closely parallel our worlds. How closely? Was there like a Revolution War in the City’s world?
The Strange New World, and its strange earth as a whole, are certainly pretty close in many historical details to the earth we know. In some ways, it resembles our world more as its seen through some popular media. The Old World of Earlderde is more of a crazy quilt of bellicose, small states--often with eccentric governmental systems--like something out of The Prisoner of Zenda or The Mad King, than it is historical Europe post-World War I.  In the West of the New World, desperadoes, and wild Indian (or Native) tribes exist side by side with automobiles and other "modern" conveniences, much like how our real world West was presented in some old time radio shows and movie serials.

To the specific question about the Revolutionary War: No, there wasn’t one. The Ealderdish colonizers were too involved in their own squabbles to ever really keep close tabs on their colonies. Eventually, they were just able to declare official independence. 

Are there vampires in this world?
Yep, and werewolves, and mummies. Vampires, I’ve talked about in this post, revealing them as the addicts they are.

When are you going to put some of this stuff in print?
When I get it ready. :)

I have, of late, considered putting together a free pdf with expanded versions (perhaps with annotations) of some of the topics I've posted on which won't see much coverage in Weird Adventures

Also, I have in mind a detailed adventure locale set in the Strange New World: the expansive estate of a wealthy, reclusive--and recently deceased--wizard.  Here's one hint: "Rosebud." 

Of course, Weird Adventures gets my creative energies first.

Anyway, else out there in Internet-land has any short asnwer questions like those above, you call always post 'em in the comments, and maybe I'll answer them. :)


Chris said...

To the specific question about the Revolutionary War: No, there wasn’t one. ... Eventually, they were just able to declare official independence.

But there's still a secret message on the back of the Declaration of Independence, right? Right?!

Trey said...

Well sure, the real Declaration...which is among the sacred relics of a strange and degenerate human tribe of the Stoney Mountains who worship a tattered red and white striped banner and a tall metal spire they call "Aisibem."

netherwerks said...

So did Roanoke survive? How about Merry Mount? Or are there parallels?

Trey said...

Good questions!

I'll have to do more research before I can discern the exact fate of the Strange New World's parallel to the Roanoke colony, though I have a sneaking suspicion that the crudely-carved barbarous name "CROATOAN" does indeed appear in the annals of New World colonial history...

A map of the New Lludd region, north of City, does show a place named Merry Mount. Perhaps I'll delve into that when I get around to detailing that region.