Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Any Language

In my collection, I have two role-playing games that I am unable to read because they're in non-English languages.  Both of them I bought for their gorgeous art.  One of these games is the 6th edition of the venerable Swedish fantasy rpg, Drakar och Demoner ("Dragons and Demons").

This edition, published in 2000, is set in the world of Trudvang, which (perhaps unsurprisingly) has a strong "Northern thing" going for it (though I gather this something of a departure from more generic fantasy in previous editions).  Check this out:

The whole thing is in sepia which is nicely evocative.  The art avoids the sins of modern D&D art, thought it hardly could be said to be "old school."  Instead, its perhaps more classical illustration in style.

Here are a couple of the PC races:

Trollish races:

Of course, those are all my best guesses of what those images illustrate. I can't read the text.

Pretty pictures, though.


Xyanthon said...

I've often wanted to check this game out just for the art. I might be imagining things but I seem to recall that there was going to be an English translation done. I think that would be absolutely fantastic. However, I'm sure I read it on the Interwebs so it might just been a bit of ethereal nothing...

The Angry Lurker said...

Very good artwork, I understand why you bought it.

Desdichado said...

The art avoids the sins of modern D&D art, thought it hardly could be said to be "old school." Instead, its perhaps more classical illustration in style.

Which is good. "Old school" D&D style art certainly had plenty of its own sins to atone for as well.

Chris said...

Nice artwork. I wonder if the Bauer-isness of the trolls is a deliberate homage, or if that's just how trolls look to a Scandinavians imagination.

Pedantry corner:

Skogstroll = forest troll
Fjoltroll = river troll
Istroll = ice troll
Skogsjatte = forest giant
Bergsrese = mountain walker
Stentroll = stone troll

/end pedantry

Not a translation, but halvalv = hot.

Greg Gorgonmilk said...

Wow, I'm loving the art. Thanks for sharing!

Trey said...

@Johnathan - I hadn't heard about that, but that would indeed be cool.

@Angry Lurker - I might be tempted to buy more foreign rpgs just for art if they were easier to come by. The other one I have (a Japanese one) I had to get through an online specialty importer.

@Joshua - True enough. :)

@Chris - What's a little pedantry amongst friends? ;) And yes, those half-elves typically are.

@Greg - You're welcome. :)

christian said...

Love those illustration! When I was in France I picked up a few game mags. I have no idea what they are about, but it's so cool to have a mysterious, foreign language rpg product. :)

Trey said...

You're right. One can even imagine it as much cooler than it probably is. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some nice artwork. Have you been able to discern the artist's name?

Trey said...

I couldn't find credits in the book, but internet tells me the cover is by Paul Bonner. At least a couple of those pieces are by Alvaro Tapia, but a couple aren't signed.

Harald said...

Just adding to Chris's translation, halvalv = half elf, and halvtroll = half troll.

Up here this game is considered a proper classic. Don't know about the later editions, though.

richard said...

really nice illos, thanks.