Friday, March 25, 2011

Reader's Choice: Images of the City

From time to time, blogging compatriots and readers thoughtfully send me images they think might have a place in the City and its Strange New World.  Today, I thought I'd present some of those, and to continue with the community theme, ask readers to comment on which caption they prefer for each image--and write-ins are welcome, too, should you be so moved.  You choose how it fits in:

 Supplied by John Stater
A. Thexter Gorch, adventurer and master of pogonomancy.  Also, jug-player for the Smaragdine Mountain Boys.

B.  Everyone was surprised when Ethyn chose the lich's beard as his share of the loot.  We were even more surprised when we saw it fixed to his face--and growing--a few weeks later.  No one was surprised when his personality began to change...

Suggested by Adam Nowak
A. When the killings started, they'd always say, "She's only a little girl," and "The beast is stuffed."  They never suspected her...and that's what made Little Emmie such a deadly assassin.

B. I must warn you: if you should ever chance to look at this photo and the alligator is not in it, you must act swiftly and decisively, but above all, you mustn't panic.  The alligator, you see, will be behind you...and it will be hungry.

Suggested by Sean at Sea of Stars RPG Design
A. After his misadventure in the Outer Planes, they were forced into a strange relationship.  They were lovers by night when he was whole, but in daylight she guarded his skeleton against etheric parasites and  unscrupulous collectors.

B. Even by the standards of ghouls, Eulalie was perverse.  She only consumed men whom she had first seduced into a torrid, but brief, affair.

Suggested by timid traveller
A. The fae blood manifests itself in the afflicted children of Grand Lludd in a variety of ways.

B.  He was raised as a normal boy in every way possible, save for his isolation.  The cultists wished him to be unaware of his origins until all was in readiness, and the stars were right.


Xyanthon said...

Oh my, these are simply fantastic! It's hard to make a decision but I'll try. For the first picture, I'll say go with choice 1. As a beado myself, I'm interested in the whole idea of pogonomancy. I'll have to research this one further ;). And the whole idea of him being a jug band player just gave me the giggles.

The second picture, again I'll say choice a. The absurdist nature of the idea really appeals to me.

For the third picture (man these are actually really hard choices as they are all great ideas) I'm going to go with a again. I love absurdist ideas and this one really strikes my fancy as well.

For picture four I'm liking choice b.

Wow, that was tough as they all had me grinning like a fool. I'd be happy with any of them in all truth.

John Arendt said...

B across the board - the horror possibilities are fantastic. These are awesome pics, but the the write ups made my morning!

Welcome to Dungeon! said...


Sean Robson said...

Fantastic pictures and evocative write-ups. My choice would be A,B,B,B.

Unknown said...

Sweet. B, B, A, B

I especially love that last one. And it was a hard choice for #3.

John Matthew Stater said...

I'm a fan of the B's, but they're all inspired.

The Angry Lurker said...

B,B,A,B, very good ideas and pictures.

Jim Shelley said...


Chris said...

A, B, B, B

All good stuff though.

Trey said...

Thanks for the responses! Seems that A won on #1 (by one vote), and B on #2-#4.

Adam Nowak said...

Love these - glad I could contribute to these in my own small way.

My vote is a, a, a, a!

And maybe another suggestion of a crazy photo from the ages...'t%20got%20no%20stinkin'%20dinosaur-33040.html

Trey said...

Thanks Adam!