Sunday, November 20, 2011

Five Kooky Cults

Here are a few minority religious groups seen at least as bit odd (if not outright dangerous) by the majority of the City's citizens:

The Abattoir Cult: Secret followers of the sinister and bloody-handed Lord of the Cleaver. A liturgical text (anthropodermically bound) honoring this obscure eikone is known to exist in a private collection in New Lludd. His cult tends to crop up in districts devoted to meatpacking or slaughter pens and is associated with the emergence of serial killers.

The Temple of Father Eliah Exalted: This Old Time Religion sect preaches racial and gender equality, chastity--and the godhood of its prophet, Father Eliah Exalted. The Temple owns a number of groceries, gas stations, hotels, and other business. These are ostensibly held by acolytes but seem mainly to enrich the Father. The Temple is politically active and the Father’s support can sway elections. Many are suspicious that Exalted’s powers of oratory and occasional miracles suggest that he is one of the Gifted or perhaps a secret thaumaturgist, but proof has been hard to come by.

Serpent-spotters: An informal collection of people forgotten by society--mostly poor and elderly spinsters and widowers--who are convinced that the monster that appeared in the Eldritch River 30 years ago, and supposedly delivered secret prophecies to City fathers, will return, heralding the apocalypse. On days individually chosen they hold vigil in Eldside Park. They hope to be present at the time of the serpent’s return so it will reward their faith with a ride on his back to a watery Paradise.

The Electrovangelic Church of the Machine Messiah: A worldwide movement dedicated to building the perfect construct to manifest the Messiah and usher in a new age of mechanical spiritual perfection.

The Followers of the Rabbit: Not an organized religion, but instead a collection of superstitions and cautionary urban legends forming a secret liturgy for some folk working along the boardwalk of Lapin Isle. They hope to placate the godling of the island, the dark personification of the rabbit in the moon--the man in the rabbit suit that is not a man.


Brutorz Bill said...

These are so cool. Your really bringing The City to life!

Stefan Poag said...

...(anthropodermically bound)...

More books should be! I'm hoping Lulu will eventually offer it.

Lots of fun to read

Jeremy Duncan said...

Fantasy Father Divine is awesome.

Chris Kutalik said...

I believe the real life Father Divine was considered to have an immortal spirit by his followers. Gifted indeed.

Snake spotting entails no handling?

ze bulette said...

I like the Followers of the Rabbit best here - reminds me of Frank! I definitely need a bunny god in my game.

Amanda Heitler said...

Love these. Funny, creepy and plausible all rolled into one.

Trey said...

@Bill - Thanks.

@Limpey - We all have that hope.

@Jeremy - It's nice to have the easter eggs appreciated. :)

@CKutalik - I believe so. Well, there are snake-handlers in the Smaragdines, but these guys just watch for a snake much too big to handle.

@Bulette - Everybody does. So they can utter lines like: "Why do you wear that stupid human suit?"

@Rosey - Thanks. A couple are based on loosely real world groups. Hoepfully, the others are very fictional.

Gothridge Manor said...

Great stuff Trey. As always.

Jeremy Duncan said...

Am I right in thinking that the Electrovangelic Church is based on this?

I really can't wait for Weird Adventures to come out.

Porky said...

I love that final line still. This is magical.

The Rock Candy Mountain post too. That concept and the way you wrote it up has a mood perfect for this kind of weird.

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

I'm no fan of cults, but I must admit that "Lord of the Cleaver" is quite possibly the most impressive cult leader name ever.

Trey said...

@Tim - Thanks!

@Jeremy - That's it. :) Suitably updated for a 1930s world, of course. Just proofreading and layout tweaks now, so WA ought to be coming your way soon.

@Porky - Thanks. Glad you liked them.

Trey said...

@Mike - It might also make a good metal band name.

satyre said...

Nothing so strange as old-time religion... excellent as ever!

Lord of the Cleaver. Brrr. :)

Enjoyed the Serpent Spotters, wonder if they condone riverside baptisms to encourage visitation?

Have the Electrovangelicals got any people in the City Telephone Company? Could be worrying.

As for the Cult of the Rabbit, we don't talk about the footprints or inexplicably changing newsprint.

Trey said...

@Satyre - Thanks. I don't think the Serpent-Spotters have thought out their doctrine that much, but that might be an eventual development. The Electrovangelicals infiltration of the phone company is a distinct possibility. I wonder what they make of the glossolalic head?