Monday, November 14, 2011

Tales of Sword and Sorcery, Dagar Style

Run through your collections of Conan and Savage Sword of Conan, and even read a little Kull and Warlord?  Well, Dark Horse Archives has got more comic book Swords and Sorcery for you with Dagar the Invincible.

In the early seventies, Gold Key got in on the sword-swinging with Tales of Sword and Sorcery: Dagar the Invincible.  Dagar was the creation of Donald Glut (also author of the early Masters of the Universe mini-comics) and drawn by Jesse Santos.  The Dagar stories don't have quite the flash of Marvel's Conan efforts, but there are the industry standard werewolves, evil sorcerers, and single-horned apes a-plenty.  Check out these covers for hint of the sort of action Dagar gets into:

Undead smashing? Check.

Ape punching? Indeed.

So if that's the sort of stuff you're into (and I think you are) check out the Dagar the Invincible Archives.


The Angry Lurker said...

I am, I am...thanks.

Sean Robson said...

Oh, cool. I've never even heard of Dagar the Invincible, though I did read Gold Key's Turok, Son of Stone series.

Thanks for the heads-up, Trey. I've been buying Dark Horse's Savage Sword reprints, and now I might have to add Dagar to the list of things to get.

Needles said...

Nice to see that some of Gold Key's efforts are being reprinted! Werewolves & nastiness are great! Looking forward to reading these!
Solid post!

Zombiecowboy said...

Cool find. Never heard of this before. Looks likle its worth checkking out. Thanks trey.

Tim Knight said...

Thank you! This is a new one to me - and has gone straight on my Christmas list!

Unknown said...

Hi.. its been a long time now that Vol I was released. An awesome compilation!! So any news about Vol II? Cheers!! A fan from India :)

Trey said...

That's for stopping by! There wasn't a lot of Dagar, so that may have been it.