Friday, February 24, 2012

What'll It Be?

For a little brand name flash, here are some alcoholic beverages consumed by denizens of the City:

Albecoeurl: A moderately expensive brand of gin imported from Grand Lludd.  It's bottle is decorated with the image a panther.
Brown Jenkin: A whiskey brand from New Lludd.
Caballero: A tequilla imported from Zingaro.
Dyer Corbie: A brand of light overproof rum.
Gentleman Loser: A sour mash whiskey emblazoned with the image of a smiling "gentleman of the road." The brand is nearly a hundred years old, but was marketed in its native South as a "medicinal" for much of its history.
Storisende: A Poitêmien brandy. Expensive.

Cold Iron: A light lager brewed in Yronburg.
Eschenbach: Another prominent beer from the Steel League.
Green Griffon Ale: Sometimes just called "Griffon."  It's symbol is (appropriately) a green griffon rampant.


Chris C. said...

Excellent prelude-to-the-weekend post! :)

I think I'd be a Brown Jenkin man, myself.

Gothridge Manor said...

Is there a list of box wines available?

Crossroads Whiskey Created in parts unknown. The label on the bottle is of a sepia photo of a crossroads. In the distance there is a man hanging from a tree. It is difficult to tell, but people swear the image of the man changes with each batch.

The Angry Lurker said...

I'll have a col Cold Iron or six......

Trey said...

@Bard - You'll have to indugle in a little this weekend then. ;)

@Tim - Excellent addition! I don't think box wines have been invented in yet, alas. Something for the alchemists to work on.

@Angry Lurker - Headed your way.

Chris Kutalik said...

No absinthe in the City? (Likely a good call since wormwood tastes like ass.)

Trey said...

Or at least licorice--which amounts to much the same thing.

Absinthe in the City is an alchemical drink actually containing a green faerie--see this earlier post.

Cole said...

Dyer Corbie

An elaborate written/spoken pun involving Led Zeppelin and the Fiend Folio? Sign me up.

Trey said...

Never let it be said I won't go a long way for a bit. ;)

Sean Robson said...

Give me a shot of Brown Jenkin (which is also what I call my home-brewed stout).

Matthew Schmeer said...

Here's a list of 20 more:

d20 Table of Weird Drafts

And here's a link to the beer labels to match:
Drafts on Tap in Process

Trey said...

@Sean - "Brews in Witch-House", eh? ;)

@MWSchmeer - Good stuff there. Thanks for the links.

Sean Robson said...

@Sean - "Brews in Witch-House", eh? ;)

I think you've just inspired the name for my in-house operation: "Witch-House Brewery." Awesome!

Needles said...

Ok the blog is up to awesome standards but I believe that your getting ready for another Weird Adventures book man! Com'n there's too much great stuff!

Trey said...

Thanks Needles. No specific plans for another Weird Adventures book yet, but anything is possible.