Monday, September 17, 2012

Hell's Hoods: The Bull

A river of blood arises from slaughterhouse and rendering plant runoff flowing through a maze of ditches and channels.  This is the Malebolge: the territory of an infernal crime family of the same name. Besides running the processing facilities for damaged souls, the Malebolge family promotes violent crimes and extortion on the Material Plane.

The family’s boss is the arch-devil Moloch. Whether dressed in a butcher’s apron or a suit, he’s imposing: a hulking figure with the head of a bull.  His upper body and head are skinless, and his horns and eyes are black as onyx.  Smoke periodically snorts from his nostrils. His shadow is thick and the color of congealing blood.

Combat: Moloch fights like a minotaur--and one of great strength.  He prefers to kill foes with his hands, horns, or hooves as opposed to weapons; He particularly disdains firearms.

Diabolical Abilities: Moloch’s presence can cause fear within a 20 ft. radius. He can cause pain in anyone he touches, but he only uses this to aid coercion or intimidation. Moloch has a special interest in drawing the young into the criminal life, and despite his horrific form, has an unusual affinity with adolescents.

Pacts: Moloch may be summoned by burning money (taken from another) within a circle drawn in blood on the floor of a meat locker. Moloch can cause an “accident” to happen to a place of business. He knows the location of any secreted stashes of money, and where the remains of any individual murdered and hidden on the prime material plane may be found.   


The Angry Lurker said...

Myself and Ray are burning 79p we took off an adolescent and hoping for good things but we don't think it'll be enough money!

Trey said...

I thought you and Ray already made your Faustian bargain years ago!

David said...

Trey, I'm always impressed with the fount of creativity you possess.

Nearly every day you have a new article concerning something in your world.

Even if you only do 5 articles a week, that still over 250+ articles a YEAR about some facet of your world.


Gothridge Manor said...

I'm liking this series. You should have a ton of material ready for your companion.

Trey said...

Thanks, David! There was a time when I did 6 posts a week besides Warlord Wednesday. Of course, not all of those are City related.

@Tim - Thanks. This Hell stuff may actually get its on supplement. Haven't decided yet.

Gothridge Manor said...

I was thinking that you probably have enough for one.

Anonymous said...

One of the signs of Moloch's favor are knuckle busters carved of bone as hard as steel, yet dense as lead. You should not try as used them against Moloch's chosen, as the bones in your hand will shatter like glass.

christian said...

" and where the remains of any individual murdered and hidden on the prime material plane may be found."

Where's Jimmy Hoffa, Moloch? Tell me!