Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wheels Turn in the Night

[Our Weird Adventures G+ game continued last night.  See this post for the first session.]

In last night's game, Diabolico (gentleman thief), Loone (mentalist and drug enthusiast), and Doyle (he brings 'em back alive) did a little old fashion detective work.  When Leonard (Diabolico's police contact) was unable to turn up anything on Olimpia Kapec, the missing fiancée, they decided to go down to the neighborhood of Carmody's lab and ask around.  A waitress's description of Olimpia's odd and reclusive behavior led Diabolico to jump to the conclusion that she was actually an automaton! 

A leap perhaps, but Doyle and Loone remembered the slim and disguised figure of the leader at the Eisenmenschen rally.  It could have be anyone. Even an artificial  girl.

Heading back to Greasy Lake to do a little more snooping, the gang avoided treasure-hunting rubes and got a sample of some strange black material--like graphite dust composed of tiny cogs and bits of machinery.  Was this the Machinery of Night people kept talking about?

Silas Atwill, automata engineer for Hew Hazzard and conspirator with the Eisenmenschen, knew about it.  He had a mimeographed document of weird symbols and drawings (that looked like the sample they found) and mentioned the Machinery of Night. They found this out by breaking into Atwill's house.  When the gang asked Carmody about them, he got about as agitated as a brain in a jar can get--but then pled amnesia (again).

A late night visit to Hazzard's Zephyrus Aerocraft turned up nothing except the fact that security on the geodesic dome housing the laboratories is very tight.  Whatever was there was hidden behind an aura-sensing lock even Diabolico couldn't crack.

But the team does know there's something beneath the surface of Greasy Lake.  Loone could sense it, pushing on his mind.  The quesiton is what was doing the pushing?


Anonymous said...

Is that a shining dodecahedron I see before me?

Good luck to the investigators . . . they are going to need it.

Trey said...

It is pretty shiny in that picture. :) It's meant to be more a brass dodecahedron.

Malcadon said...

A dodecahedron with an image of a dragon on it, with its head on one side, and a claw...

Wait a minute?


Gothridge Manor said...

Boris is very very sad he could not make such an adventure. Although the whiskey help pass time. Rat bite very itchy, doctor say "Boris you will be fine." Then he laughs. "But you may need to start shaving your back." I see no funny in this.

garrisonjames said...

Automata, aerocraft and dodecahedrons...this is getting more interesting all the time.

Trey said...

@Tim - Boris was missed. I'm sure Team Victory very much wants him back next time around.

@Jim - Thanks.