Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pirates of Orion

Here’s another Star Trek species for Starships & Spacemen:

Encountered: 2d4 (5d10)
Movement: 120 (40’)
Intelligence: Average
Psionic Potential: 2d4 (inactive)
Hits: 1d8
Armor: -1
Combat Skill: 12
Save: L1
Attacks: 1
Damage: By weapon
Morale: 8
XP: 10
The Orions are an ancient, multi-species society engaged in legitimate trade--but also involved in numerous criminal enterprises including piracy and slave-trading. Their most infamous commodity are the “Orion slave girls” or “Orion animal women,” members of a green-skinned humanoid species exploited by the more advanced members of the Orion congeries.

The dominate Orion species has pale blue to chalk
white skins. They employ disruptor weapons and fly fast, stealthy starships. 


David said...

The biggest, pressing question they get to wear those silly helmets?

Trey said...

Even to bed, if they want. It's an Orion prerogative.

David said...

Orion slave girl: "That's quite a helmet you have there."

Orion Zap Brannigan: "Thanks! And my hat's nifty, too."