Thursday, March 21, 2013


Appearance and Biology: Ibglibdishpan are spindly humanoids with yellow skins. Their skulls are large, hairless, and somewhat ovoid, but this appearance is accentuated by a shield-shaped “mask” of osteoderm covering their face above the jaw. They do not have external ears or noses. Ibglibdishpan exhibit very little sexual dimorphism [in fact, discussion of gender is considered rude by them.]

History: The ibglibdishpan are citizens of the Vokun Empire. Their natural cognitive traits have been enhanced by a vokun eugenics program and genetic modification to make them “humanoid computers” capable of computational tasks beyond most unenhanced humanoid brains.

Psychology: Ibglibdishpan tend to be restrained in their emotional responses compared to other humanoids. They also tend to lack empathy, and are sometimes at a loss as to my other humanoids don’t take the obvious, logical action. They are often considered pedantic and overly precise. They tend to avoid violence and make poor warriors. Due to their neuronal structure they are prone to the development of obsessions and compulsions, or perseverations of certain behaviors.

Stats: Intelligence of at least 14. Charisma and Strength no higher than 10.

Mental Breakdown: There is a 25% chance with any intelligence related skill check or other intelligence related task, that the peculiar mental structure of the ibglibdishpan may lead to some sort of failure. A save vs. Mental Effects must be made. On a failed roll, consult the following table:
1 catatonic state, repeating the last statement made for d100 minutes
2 screams for d100 seconds, then returns to previous activity as if nothing happened.
3 develop a phobia which lasts for 2d12 weeks.
4 Develop a reaction akin to Stendhal Syndrome for d4/2 hours.
5 seizure for 1d4 min. -1 to all rolls until a period of rest.
6 Lose 1-2 points of intelligence for 1d20 days. At that the end of that period, a second Mental Effects save must be made. Failure means the loss is permanent.


The Angry Lurker said...

Apologies but his head looks like the brains in any mans world!

Trey said...

Uh. If so, I'd suggest you seek medical attention.

Brutorz Bill said...

Maybe I'm missing something but I'm not seeing how their higher cognitive processing abilities are reflected here? Only the negative aspects thereof....

Trey said...

By their high minimum intelligence score. I would have given them a bonus, but SWN doesn't do that. I should have also set (which I forgot) a higher than human maximum.

The Happy Whisk said...

I don't wanna say what it looks like.

Tallgeese said...

This alien's mental weaknesses could make for some eminently compellable Aspects using Fate. Could be fun to play one. :)