Friday, March 8, 2013

In Space, No One Can Hear You Index

As an excuse for a lazy blog post, I thought I'd put all of my recent science fiction posts from the as yet unnamed setting in one place. If you missed any of them the first time, they'll be new to you:

A pictorial overview of a bit of galactic history. You have to know your Radiant Polity form your Archaic Oikumene!
Deshret: A desert planet where tomb-robbers steal digital souls.
Necromancers: Undead travelers trying to find the remnant of their ancient species and resurrect them.
The Phantasists: On a floating city, they'll sale you neurochemical dreams.
The Pharesmid Syndicate: A criminal organization where all the members are one guy.
The Vokun Empire: A brief look at these bad guys and their primary subservient species.
The Zao Pirates: and their shrouded asteroid homebase.
Zyanthion: A world where the people have a reputation economy and duel to protect their honor.

In upcoming posts we should get to the ichthyoid and psionic Slavers, the Star Folk (space hippies),  the Apotheosis Labyrinth, more on the species of the Vokun Empire, space amazons (of course), a pleasure planet, and maybe the weird (consensus) wizard-mind of Smaragdoz.


Dariel said...

Are the Star Folk based on Brackett's Farers? That could lead to some interesting character concepts ...

Trey said...

I hadn't thought of them! Something to consider. Kirby's Forever People and the space hippies of "The Way to Eden", plus a bit of the Ousters from Hyperion was what I tenatively had in mind.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the older science fiction stories that features Vampires from Space are a very interesting take on the concept. There is a lot that can be done with the Vampire as an archetype that isn't done in modern fiction due to "trends" (Twilight et alia) that writers try to "color in the lines" with.

And, absolutely, Space Amazons. I love these posts as I love old Pulp and old Science-Fiction / Science-Fantasy themes!

Trey said...

Ah yeah, Space Vampires. I hadn't thought about that trope. I suppose I should think of a way to wedge them in there, somewhere!

Porky said...

Re the vamps, if you haven't seen it already, there's a great fifth Doctor story called State of Decay, one of the E-Space adventures. The seventh Doctor also had a very good take on them blended with aspects of the Second World War and Viking myth.

Porky said...

That second one was called The Curse of Fenric.

Trey said...

Both of those are good ones. Fenric is a bit of Lovecraftianness in the Whovian mythos.

Unknown said...

Eagerly awaiting the Star Folk.