Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Weird Adventures Halloween

The comparable holiday to Halloween in the world of the City is Revenant Night at the end of the month of Redfall. It's a night where folklore says the walls between the realms of the dead and the prime material plane thin, allowing spirits who haven't yet moved on to their plane of final reward can slip back into the world of the living. This seldom seems to occur in this modern age, but it can't be ruled out entirely. And there are other strange menaces adventurers might face:

In Motorton, it's the Night of Misrule, where the Dwarf might invite you to the Red Room. Out West, it's a particularly bad time to drive into a ghost town. In the Shambles neighborhood of the City, you can hunt (or be hunted) by a maniacally killer under the influence of the Lord of the Cleaver. Just about anywhere, calliope music might signal the arrival of the Carnival Pandemonium the mysterious Viscount Marzo.

Trick or Treat.


The Happy Whisk said...

Stopped in to say Happy Oogie Boogie Day. Here's a pumpkin.


Jack Guignol said...

I don't want to go into the Red Room

Tallgeese said...

Cool that Revenant Night takes different forms in different places. I imagine it is quite bloody interesting South of the Border too.

The Angry Lurker said...

I'd like a treat please Trey!

Chris C. said...

After reading this, the lone house in the middle of the woods where I live doesn't seem so scary.