Friday, October 18, 2013


A mysterious alien race hid giant robots all over the earth, waiting for the day humankind would need them. That day is today. The sinister invaders the ancient aliens always feared have arrived. They use giant monsters to cleanse worlds of all life to ease their takeover. Earth is their next target. The giant space robots, piloted by intrepid human pilots, are the Earth's only hope!

A pilot has 3 stats: Intelligence, Willpower (Wisdom), and Reputation (Charisma).

A robot has 3 stats: Strength, Agility (Dexterity), and Durability (Constitution).

All stats are 3-18 with appropriate resultant bonuses or penalties.

Intelligence: Determines the ability to unlock new powers in a robot. Every time a power is employed a percentile roll is made with the chance of success determined by intelligence (based on the Spell Learning Probability Percentage in LL AEC, ranging from 20% with a 3 to 90% with an 18 INT).
Willpower: Affects response to saving throws from certain mental powers (like wisdom).
All the other abilities are just like their counterparts.

Robot Classes:

  • Tank: Not a literally tank, but a brute force model. d8 hit dice, Fighter combat tables and advancement.
  • Blasters: Lighter models with various sorts of special powers or energy weapons. d4 hit dice, Magic-User combat tables and advancement. Blaster pilots have a chance to "unlock" a new power in their robot with every level. They can use a power once a day (contingent on a power roll).
  • Defenders: Medium models that combine some aspects of blasters and tanks. d6 hit dice, Cleric combat tables and advancement. They have a chance to "unlock" a power at second level, and an additional one every level thereafter.

Powers: Are reskinned spells, though obviously they are the more combat oriented of them. You could do away with spell levels at your discretion.

Weapons: Robots use giant and futuristically styled hand to hand weapons. Darts or arrows might be missiles instead, but maybe not.

Hit Points: Are possessed by giant creatures/robots. Smaller beings don't rate on the scale and are utterly destroyed by 1 point of damage.

Reskin any monster you want. They're all giant now, and ones bigger than man-size are really gigantic!
Examples:  Voidflyers (stats for bats); Gorillagon (Gorilla); Mechapede (giant centipede)--you get the idea.


John Y said...

This is a great idea! Although i'd have trouble deciding between Great Mazinga and Raideen.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Shogun Warriors! Really, anything with giant robots. Ultraman, Spectraman, Space Giants, and on and on...

Malcadon said...

I have had an idea like that too, but it was with Super Sentai/Power Ranger suits. That is, the wearer without the suit is physically weak and prone to normal injuries, but in the suit, the wearer would become a superhuman fighter akin to Superman in the early years (before the flight and supernatural powers). As the wearer becomes better with the suit (by gaining levels), he can get better weapons, armor pieces, vehicles, and cool-ass powers.

Unfortunately, the only system that I feel works best with this setup is 4e, as that system loves to apply per day/per encounter "powers" to both physical and magical attacks/maneuvers, which is perfect for the Super Robot, Sentai, and Magic Girl genres.

Personally, I would have it so that you get more EXP for waiting so many rounds before summoning a giant robot or using an "Ultimate Attack" power, to keep the players from killing the monsters outright on the first round of battle.

Trey said...

@Malcadon - Good thought! That's definitely a "genre-enforcing" rule.

Chris C. said...

This sounds fun -- it'd probably make a pretty cool minis game!

Trey said...

@Chris - Very true!

garrisonjames said...

Fun stuff! This would make a great minis game, especially for over-sized figures or even some of the 'toys.'

Justin S. Davis said...

A squirrelly kid I was forced to hang out with (because our folks shared a Sunday school class, and also played cards several times a month) had EVERY Godaikin robot.

Those robots were amazing...and I say somewhat shamefully that I liked them infinitely more than their owner.