Monday, December 16, 2013

Star Hunters

The djägga (or djaegga) are humanoids with feline characteristics. Though they are most on the Rim (where perhaps their native habitats can be found), they're encountered in most lawless areas of the Strange Stars. Djägga are hunters by nature, by instinct, and many choose to hunt nothing less challenging than other sophonts as bounty hunters or assassins.

Appearance and Biology
Djägga have been described as looking like a cross between a sphynx cat and a human. The have a basically baseline human body form (including a plantigrade stance), except for a felinoid tail. Their faces have a vaguely feline cast, as do their large eyes and large, somewhat high-placed ears. Though their skin is no more hirsute than the average humans, they are pigmented in patterns like cats. Many different pigmentation patterns are found among them. 

Djägga senses are keener than those of baseline humans, particularly hearing and smell. These are so acute that they are often taken as possessing psi-sensitives, but in fact powers of the mind are virtually unknown among them.

PsychologyDjägga are typically solitary beings, suspicious of others. Mating pairs may stay together for a time, but it's almost as common for pregnant females to become distrustful and secretive and males to become bored and drift away. Djägga encountered as a group are most often siblings of the same sex or a mother and her children.

Djägga tend to speak very little and are not particularly social, but they're loyal. They're also keen to avenge any perceived betrayal. Competitions can trigger their predator instincts, so it's prudent to avoid games with djägga,  particularly ones with a physical component.

Stats: Stars Without Number: Djägga require a Strength and Dexterity of 12. They don't have psionics. Traveller: Notable Dexterity (+1), but replace Social Standing with Charisma (where they have a -1).


garrisonjames said...

Seems like every setting winds up with cat-people and dog-people, one way or another. These creatures sound like a good addition to the Strange Stars. There are all sorts of things to hunt, in many different ways...

Trey said...

Yeah, it's a common trope, definitely. My only innovation (well, I guess Avatar did it before me) is to remove the "furry" aspect.

garrisonjames said...

I like these creatures/beings. they have just enough of a feline edge to make Kzinti a little nervous, and that's an excellent thing. It's a common trope because people really like this sort of thing. You just took it and made it uncommon and cool.