Sunday, December 1, 2013

Traveller: Vokun

Appearance and Biology: Vokun are virtually identical to baseline humans in outward appearance, except that their skin color is various shades of blue. Those superficial similarities belay a great deal of variance from baseline in their overall physiology: Vokun are extremely durable and heal rapidly, even able to regenerate lost limbs. Vokun store a great deal of fat as the age, to the degree that most elders become sessile. Vokun behavior is also much more under the influence of pheromone signals than other near humans.

History: The vokun species emerged from a hostile, predator-filled environment, where tribal groups competed fiercely for resources. Eventually, groups of allied elders were able to extend their pheromonal influence over progressively larger bands of youths until more stable societies were established.

The vokun eventually spread out into the stars and formed an interstellar empire. The freer they became from scarcity and conflict, the more indolent and pleasure-seeking the vokun grew. As a result the immobility that comes with age occurs much earlier for modern vokun than their ancestors; many are very obese by their thirties and on their way to immobility by their forties.

Vokun society is maintained through the use of mandatory chemical regimens for youth. These provide most of the benefits of exposure to elder pheromones, limiting their impulsivity and allowing better cooperation and subordinance to authority.

Psychology: Outside the influence of elders, young vokun find it somewhat difficult to restrain their antisocial impulses. They are emotional and violent and tend to think of only short-term gain. Elder vokun are still egoists, but they peruse their goals in a more measured way and plan better for the future. Indolence has infected all of vokun society, and they rely increasingly on subordinate species to do most of the work of maintaining their empire.

Stats: Vokun youth have Strength +1 and Endurance +2, but effectively Intelligence -1 due to impulsivity. Middle-aged (34+) vokun have Endurance +1, Social Standing +1, and Dexterity -2. Elder vokun have Endurance +1, Social Standing +2, and Dexterity -2 with an inability to move from one spot without help. All vokun heal extremely rapidly. They heal their Endurance DM for an hour of rest. If they remain active, they heal 1 point per hour. They are able to regenerate (as per the Psionic Power), recovering their Endurance DM in characteristic points for every day of rest. They can't regenerate if they remain active.

[Jumping on the G+ Traveller bandwagon here. These guys are from my Strange Stars setting, but could be plugged in anywhere.]


Brutorz Bill said...

Yep, I see you've been sucked into Traveller goings on as well. LOL

Trey said...

yep, they got me.

Chris C. said...

Chemical regimens and elder pheromones. Speaking as a teacher, that would be awesome for classroom management!

garrisonjames said...

These guys would be great on Kepler 22-B...just sayin'...