Friday, February 28, 2014

The Future of Wednesdays

I think once I finish my Warlord Wednesday run, my next comic series to review (unless I get a better idea between now and then) will be Jim Starlin's Metamorphosis Odyssey. It's a cosmic science fantasy tale that first appeared in serialized fashion in Epic Illustrated in early 80s. It also introduces Vanth Dreadstar who will go on to appear in his own series.

I'm still entertaining suggestions, though, if you've got 'em.


Jeffrywith1e said...

Might this lead to a Dreadstar Wednesday series?

Strangely, Dreadstar is one of the other titles I regularly seek in the .25 cent bins along with Warlord. I only have a few Warlord left to find before complete, while I only have a handful of issues of Dreadstar.

Sean Robson said...

I would totally be into Metamorphosis Odyssey. I reviewed it as part of my now-defunct Epic Thursday, and I'd love to see your take on the series.

But really I'm up for anything. Richard Corben Wednesday would be awesome, too.

Sean Tait Bircher said...


I kid! I kid!

(Do NOT Google "Druuna" at work if you don't know who she is.)

Trey said...

@Jeffrey - Dreadstar is good stuff.

@Sean - I had forgotten you had done that. Looking around the internet, a lot have people have covered Dreadstar, too. That may make me look elsewhere for fresher ground.
@Sean - I am well aware of Seriperi;s work. :)

R Parker said...

Just picked up the Metamorphosis Alpha trade after reading several issues in Epic; looking forward to reading along this time!

As far as Druuna goes, despite some particularly grotesque rapey stuff, I love the dystopic biohorror vibe of the few issues of Heavy Metal I've read featuring Seriperi's work.