Friday, August 29, 2014

Empire Island Revisited

Coming just in time for the resumption (at least for one more session) of my long hiatused Weird Adventures game this Sunday, Lester B. Portly unveiled on G+ this map of Empire Island with the neighborhood key arranged in alphabetical order. Handy!

Hospitals are marked with red crosses, but I would warn user that this information is for planning purposes only and may not reflect the current location of medical facilities. For instance, Aldwood (consumed as it is by a fictional reality) doesn't have an accessible hospital.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trey, speaking of Weird Adventures, I think you'll like this short story. It's like a cross between Weird Adventures and Gangs of New York.

Just thought I'd share.

Trey said...

Thanks. I'll check that out.

Jim Shelley said...

Looking forward to getting back to WA game this weekend.