Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reskinned from Across the Galaxy

Still feeling the usual D&D races are a bit stale? Don't like my previous reskinning suggestions? Just give them a makeover and keep the old mechanics.  Try these knew visuals inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy on for size:

For elves:
Finheaded alien archers.

For dwarves:
Crystal-men. (The height would have to be modified.)

for halflings:
Anthropomorphic raccoons.


Gothridge Manor said...

Hmm, so many choices. Those elves look badass. Add a little Watership Down action.

Chris C. said...

Love the raccoon!

Ashikaider said...

Then what race to use for the heavy-worlder Jovians?

Trey said...

Perhaps the half-orc, if you're going AD&D races?

garrisonjames said...

The blue barbarians from Alpha Centauri are pretty cool for elf-stand-ins. The raccoon is a lot of fun and makes a good pun being from Half-world. Jovians might need a little more boost to their strength--use half-ogres perhaps?