Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mapping Yanth

I've been trying to but together a map so I can send notes off to Gus L of the Dungeon of Signs to get a map like this cool ASE one he did. Mainly, I just seem to be adding now locales and not getting much drawing done.

So far we've got:
The Vale of Thorns
The Warrens of the Rabbit Folk
Mount Brawl
The Mounds of the Ancients
The Great Standing Stone Sages
Apiaria, the Hive City of the Bee Folk
Lardafa, the Shanty-City of the Swamps
The Elder Dragon
Aldwode Forest
The Motley Isles

Some of these places I've talked about before, but the pictures will have to serve for the rest at the moment.


Gothridge Manor said...

The beehive is distracting me. Can't wait to see what Gus L does with it. His maps are fantastic.

Trey said...

Indeed. I just need to finish it up and get it to him.

Brutorz Bill said...

Can't wait to see Gus' map of this!
Are the stats for the rabbitfolk posted somewhere?

Trey said...

I haven't done them yet, but soon probably. The holdup had been indecision over whether to cover the remaining beast folk in one post or separate ones.

Gus L said...

Is it just this coastal region? Cause I can start before you finish if it is....

Trey said...

@Gus - I just sent you an email. :)