Friday, October 10, 2014

Strange Stars Update and Contents

The Strange Stars systemless setting book is almost done! Here is the list of contents, and the likely order they will be in:

Categories of Sophonts
Starships & Travel
The Alliance
The Coreward Reach
The Vokun Empire
The Outer Rim
The Zuran Expanse
Psi & Psionics

The book looks to be on schedule to come out late this fall. John "FATE SF" Till has the Fate Sytem Book virtually complete in draft, but having been focused on the setting book, I'm lagging on the Stars Without Number adaption, and both still need proofing and layout. I don't want to delay the setting book, though, so we're looking at a staggered release, with the system books following (hopefully) in a couple of months.


Logan said...

Cute little guy! :D

Gothridge Manor said...

So there will be three versions?

Chris C. said...

I like that artwork!

Tallgeese said...

I feel bad that the cutest brachiator in the universe falls under the header "Criminals." Well, I suppose we still have all the upstanding Sraad clades to admire!

Trey said...

Heh. I suppose.

@Tim - There will be the full-color setting book (rules free). Then there will be either one art-free, rules supplement with both FATE and SWN adaptations or 2 (one FATE and one SWN).

Unknown said...

I'm so tempted to volunteer to write a Savage Worlds adaptation, but my plate is too full. This is much more my flavor of Sci- Fi weirdness than The Last Parsec.

Trey said...

Thanks, Sean. Well, there's always time. Maybe you'll have more time later.