Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Comics: Essential Ultron

With Avengers: Age of Ultron opening this week, there's no time like the present to get caught up on Ultron's greatest hits. Here are some stories you should probably check out, in no particular order:

The Rise of Ultron
Avengers #54-58
You get the Masters of Evil, the first appearance and origin of Ultron, and the first appearance of the Vision.
Collected in: Essential Avengers vol 3Avengers Epic Collection: Behold the Vision (starts with #57).

The Return of Ultron
Avengers #66-68
Ultron's back, cementing his status as a major villian. This time, he's got a new body of adamantium.
Collected in: Essential Avengers vol 3Avengers Epic Collection: Behold the Vision

The Bride of Ultron
Avengers #157- 166
Ultron, in all his Oedipal glory, kidnaps Wasp and makes his own robot bride based on her--Jocasta.
Collected in: Avengers: The Bride of UltronAvengers Epic Collection: The Final Threat

Ultron Mark 12
West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #1-2, 4-7, and Vision And Scarlet Witch vol 2 #2
Ultron turns good? Perhaps the most unexpected Ultron story of all!
Collected in: Avengers: West Coast Avengers Omnibus vol. 1

Ultron Unlimited
Avengers vol. 3 #19-22
Ultron at his most evil. He decimates a city, turning the dead into an army of Ultron clones.
Collected in: Avengers: Ultron Unlimited (this one's pretty pricey; the issues might be cheaper!)

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