Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Comics: Weirdworlds and Slayers

Marvel has release a couple of new collections of interest both to the Bronze Age comic fan and the tabletop rpg playing comics enthusiast.

I've covered Weirdworld here before. Inspired by the work of Tolkien, It was the creation of Doug Moench and initially brought to life by the art of Mike Ploog. This is the first time all of the Weirdworld stories have been collected in one place.

Skull the Slayer is a bit pulpier. It involves a Vietnam vet in a plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle, which you might thing is about as 70s concept you can get, except that the other survivors are other 70s stock characters (angry black man, rebellious rich kid, downtrodden young woman trying to get liberated), and the world they've found themselves mixes The Land That Time Forgot with Chariot of the Gods. It's no Warlord, but if you like Warlord, it's probably in your wheelhouse.


garrisonjames said...

The Weirdworld anthology is nice, but the reproduction of the artwork isn't as good as the old Epic Magazines, partly because everything is so reduced-down in size. It's a sort of parallel to Elfquest in some respects and anticipated Dark Crystal in a few respects. Fun stuff.

Trey said...

True, but not all of these stories appeared in magazine size, just the Warriors of the Shadow Realm limited. The Marvel Fanfare and Marvel Premiere issues were are regular comic size.

Gothridge Manor said...

A little off topic, but figured you were the man to ask. I want to get the old Fantastic Four comics. Is there a good place on-line to get them. Ithink Iwould prefer to get the combo books they have out. You can email me the answer Trey when you have time. THanks.

Jim Shelley said...

Now you've got me wondering... why didn't Skull have a longer run?

Trey said...

@Tim - I'll email you.

@Jim - I suspect it's the sort of thing that just isn't popular enough to sustain a long run. Warlord is more of an exception.