Monday, September 21, 2015

Unusual Denizens of the Land of Azurth

Only perhaps a little more unusual than many of Azurth's regular inhabitants, but still.

Art by Sveta Dorsheva
His Excellency the Ambassador from the Land Under the Sea (possibly the frox homeland) and his Kaleidotop hat, capable forming a tunnel to transporting him to his homeland and almost anywhere else.

One of the "daughters" (perhaps automata creations) of Father Time. She and her sisters hop comets to ride them to Earth. They can bend the flow of time in limited ways to suite their whims, but not so much their father notices.

Art by Edouard Guiton
An officer in the ranks of the windup soldiers invented by Mirabilis Lum to form his army. Few of these soldiers remain, and fewer still are in working order. They are highly sought by wealthy collectors of military memorabilia and more than a few would-be conquers hoping to build an army of their own based on Lum's genius designs.

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