Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Comics:The Coming of the Slayer

"The Coming of the Slayer"
Weirdworld #3 (October 2015), Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Michael Del Mondo

Synopsis: Arkon and Warbow manage to fight their way free of the magma men that had them surrounded last issue. They drop into a conveniently waiting boat in the lava below. They make good their escape, but not before Warbow yells their names defiantly to the magma men.

Once they are in a place of safety, Arkon is eager to take his leave of the obviously somewhat mad Warbow. He asks for the map he was promised before he goes:

While just has crazy, the map doesn't at all resemble what Arkon had on his map. Warbow explains the land is called Weirdworld for a reason--it's everchanging.

Meanwhile, the magma men report to Morgan Le Fay the two heroes escape--and their names. She decides to send an assassin after Arkon, a man named Skull the Slayer. Skull is busy slaying elves when he gets the message.

He and Arkon meet up at a tavern. After an exchange of vague grimness, the fight commences. The Slayer seems to have the better of him, until Arkon causes them both to plummet from the mountain into a jungle below.

Another obscure Marvel character makes his appearance: James "Skull" Scully.


Logan said...

Wahahaa! The map is awesome! Think about some players get a world/setting/region-map in this style. I can really see the questionmarks in their faces and the "What the f**k?!" on their lips... :D

Trey said...

Yeah, it definitely has game possibilities.

Jim Shelley said...

Hm...I had heard Skull the Slayer was going to be making a return in one of these Secret Wars event spin-offs. I gotta say, this title sounds sort of interesting, but I suspect it's a bit like some of the others I've sampled - neat idea shackled by the constraints of having to make callbacks to the whole Secret Wars event. That makes sense, but like with DC's Convergence spin-offs, I would have preferred completely detached mini-series with these concepts.

Also, with Skull the Slayer, I think the more interesting tale is the one where we pick up from the point where he has to integrate back into society after being the leader he was in a lost land. Where does he go from there?

The Angry Lurker said...

An every changing world, an ever changing map?