Monday, December 14, 2015

A Visit to Swells Head

Our 5e Land of Azurth game continued last night, with the party arriving in the wealthy village of Swells Head. where they were to begin searching for Gwendolin, the missing daughter of the wealthy Goode family, who is presumed to have been kidnapped by pirates.

Waylon the frogling comes undercover as a waiter at the exclusive fraternal club for young men, The Young Worthies, and finds that Gwendolin didn't have a romantic interest among their membership. Dagmar the Cleric and Kairon the Sorcerer pose as traveling factors for a wealthy merchant and pump some working class guys for information at a lower class tavern called the Flail Whale. Erkose orders a steak at the Silver Spoon Public House and grumbles about the price.

The roommate, Hannah
A visit to Miss Primm's School for Proper Young Ladies, reveals that Gwendolin has a love of adventurous travelogues--specifically the narrative of Lady Jonne Mandeville, whose work she was reading the night she disappeared. The book was left open to a section on the Candy Isle. Gwendolin's roommate Hannah spills the beans that Gwendolin was not kidnapped, but apparently ran away to join up with pirates aboard the Vixen, the ship of the infamous Black Iris, Pirate Queen.

The party keeps this last bit of information to themselves. They decide they'll have to make a trip to the Motley Isles, the pirate haven, to find Gwendolin. Traveling back to the port city of Ianthine, On the docks, they look for leads on a ship to hire to go to the Isles. The barkeep at the Dogfish points in the direction of a captain crazy enough to take them right into that nest of vipers:

Art by Cory Loftis
Cog (who claims to be the former Commodore Cogburn Steamalong) is shabby, down on his luck, and in need of high quality coal for his boiler. He takes the job. The next morning, the party boards his automata-oared pinnace, and set out for Polychrome, capital of the Motley Isles.


Anonymous said...

To Adventure!

Good luck to the brave Gwendolin . . . and I guess to her potential rescuers too.

Trey said...

Yeah, her potential "rescuers" have not yet reached a consensus on what they're going to do with her once they find her.

Crisippo said...

Sounds like great fun! Looking forward to the next jounral with some anticipation now :-)

garrisonjames said...

How'd Cog fall from grace as a Commodore? This sounds like a great bit of fun. It's certainly a lot of fun to read. Azurth is really developing into something unique and wonderful!

Trey said...

@Marius - Thanks! There's likely to be a good deal more "action" in the next session.
@Jim - That's a good question. The PC's asked, but the answer that received was vague--but not so vague they chose not to go with him.