Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Comics: Santa Claus

Just in case you got the holiday itch to read Santa Clau's appearances in Marvel or DC Comics, I'm here to help. First, check out Santa's entry over at the Marvel Database where you will discover that (perhaps) Santa Claus is just Odin giving out presents to commemorate Thor killing a troll and destroying an asteroid, which flared like a star in the night sky. Then, read about when Saint Nick crossed paths with Hitler (SPOILER: It's more than once! Particularly if you count the Hate-Monger).

Then, check out the DC Database entry with highlights even more dubious. Like there was the time (Hellblazer #247) where John Constantine claims to have smuggled the bone powder of the historical Saint Nikolaus into the UK for an occult ritual--and he wound up snorting some of it like cocaine. Then there's the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special where Santa is the merciless North Pole strong man slave-owner. Not all DC appearances are so irreverant. He does get to team-up with Superman on more than one occasion.


The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Christmas, Trey.

Chris C. said...

Wow. Santa totally rocks!

Merry Christmas, Trey!

Chris C. said...

Let me qualify that -- he rocks *except* for the North Pole strong man bit. Just thought I should clarify. :)