Friday, January 29, 2016

The City Oroboro

The city Oroboro is a great ring larger than any other city, larger than many worlds.

Philippe Druillet

Everything strange and everything precious is fated to pass through it--and also a great many things that are neither. It is (Ill-)Fortune’s Wheel, the Nexus of All Tales.


The city encircles the double-ended Tower, where the Sandmen priests  say the Goddess sleeps and dreams the multiverse. Just beyond the oneiric event horizon, Oroboro is stable (mostly) and rational (sometimes) and permanent--so long as the Goddess sleeps.

Julio Ribera

Some cynics say there is no Goddess and the Tower is empty. To preserve their power, the Sandmen hide the truth: the Architect of All has abandoned creation and is likely to be found in a brothel or ginhouse in Oroboro.


The Angry Lurker said...

A good place to visit?

Trey said...

But maybe not to live!

Chris C. said...

And I thought our reality was fragile!

(Whoops, that was too loud. I don't want to wake the goddess).