Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Comics: 8House: Yorris

I've discussed 8House here before. It's an anthology series conceived by Brandon (Prophet) Graham. It's stories all take place in the same universe ruled by 8 magic houses. The first story (still unfinished) was Arclight. The second, Kiem, is a science fiction tale about a soldier whose mind inhabits the dead body of her twin brother, asked to transport a mysterious item.

The third is Yorris by Helen Maier and Fil Barlow. It's a fantasy that tells the story of  the titular young noble woman who has the ability to see the astral creatures invoked and impowered by the emotions of others--particularly her houses ritual curses cast against their enemies. When Yorris sees what she believes to be an astral assassin at her families ritual, she's thrust into a wider world.

8House has been great so far. Well were checking out. You can see a few sample pages from Yorris here.

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