Monday, February 29, 2016

Things Are Not Too Sweet on Candy Isle

Our 5e Land of Azurth campaign continues: The party set sail for the Candy Isle, hoping to find Gwendolin Goode and her campanion, the pirate Black Iris. They are accompanied (somewhat reluctantly) by Black Iris's former first-mate, Rarebit Finn. He tells  then he sent Iris and Gwendolin to the Candy Isle by telling them it was the landing site of the Confection Perfection, the candy of the gods said to have fallen from the table of Queen Urania herself.

They find the Candy Isle easy enough, and Black Iris's ship Vixen is anchored in the lagoon. Cog brings his ship through the opening in the rock candy reef and comes along side. The Vixen is abandoned, but for the corpse of a crewman killed by a spear tipped with peanut brittle. Our heroes take the remains launch and go ashore.

The beach is made of luster dust and powdered chocolate. The trees have fronds like fruit leather. Our heroes follow the tracks of humans that seem to be followed by some nonhuman prints. They soon find the jungle holds dangers other than too much sugar: they encounter a giant gummy constrictor, ribbon candy centipedes, and sugar-sucking stirges.

The also find curiously abandon villages and at least one more dead pirate. At the crater, which they presume to be the place where the Confection Perfection fell, they find the body of a red gummy tribesman. When crossing a chocolate stream, they run into a patrol of more such tribesmen armed with peanut brittle-tipped spears, but Kully uses a sleep spell to nullify most of the them.

At the base of the large volcano on the side of the island opposite the lagoon they see an ancient temple made of cyclopean fudge. At its base is a large village--perhaps over a hundred tribesfolk! The group pulls back to consider the best plan of attack as they're convinced Gwendolin is in the temple.


Anonymous said...

Peanut brittle tipped spears? What sort of monster are you!

But sounds like a great adventure, the Candy Isle is just too tasty not to visit, given the chance.

Jim Shelley said...

That snake looks delicious but it was terrifying when it was attacking us!

'gina said...

You see? High Fructose Corn Syrup is very, VERY bad for you, even if you are an elven ranger. Especially if you are an elven ranger. And it's wrapped around your body and dragging you into the woods.

It's not so sweet to miss your rolls on this island!

Trey, I have to say, we're really enjoying this adventure! I am just loving the visuals I am getting from all this!

tug said...

Arg. Hate I missed this!

Trey said...

Glad you guys liked it.

@Tug - There's still candy left for you next time around/