Monday, February 8, 2016

Three Worlds: A Strange Stars OSR Excerpt

From the pages of the upcoming Strange Stars OSR, here are three worlds detailed in Stars Without Number style:

Tags  Seagoing Cities, Zombies
Enemies  Animated bioroid beast, Vrzemko Koprdazak xenophobic local kommissar, Zyta Hrenj paranoid ranger
Friends  Scientist Jarka Lissik seeking communication with the Cold Minds, Local trader Balok Zek
Complications Transport breakdown out on the ice, Dead from a sunken warship animated by the Cold Minds
Things Container of weaponized microorganisms; Exclusive trade contract with the uldra
Places Ranger station beneath the ice, The subsurface levels of a trading settlement

Tags  Desert World, Local Specialty
Enemies Crazy bot-breaker Haxo Ysgar; Robber gang
Friends Merc Faizura Deyr working for the bot-breakers, Free trader supplying bot-breakers
Complications.Von Neumann machine swarm, A malfunctioning giant robot 
Things Hidden entrance to the mysterious planetary substructure, A forgotten, ancient giant bot
Places A shanty town; A junkyard

Tags  Local Tech, Flying City, Badlands World
Enemies Industrial spy disguised as a technician, Dark dream-dealer Arden-Decima
Friends Customer interface specialist Soren-Tertia, Short-duration reverie designer Alex-Quintus
Complications A loosed frumious bandersnatch, Wealthy BASE-jumpers wingsuit-flying to the planet’s surface
Things An experimental dream drug product, A captured art-monster, weaponized dream-tech
Places The sky city of Eidolon, An ancient underground vault


The Angry Lurker said...

Boreas it is then!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I like how adventure seeds and scene ideas are smoothly condensed in this format.

Chris C. said...

I'm heading to Phobetor, laser rifle in hand, to hunt down a new dice bag.

Timrod said...

Oddly, I too am headed to Phobetor, but with a dice bag in hand and in search of a new laser rifle.

Tallgeese said...

Very nice! I'll have a group of PCs headed to Boreas on Friday - unless things get really BAD on the way there!

Trey said...

Hopefully only bad in an enjoyable way!