Monday, March 28, 2016

Azurthite Bestiary: The Arthropods from Nowhere

There is a place that the inhabitants call Zrgztl, but you might as well call it Nowhere because it's here and not here all at the same time. Its inhabitants live out of the phase with the world we know and only seldom interact with it. They are as smart as any normal folk--perhaps a little smarter--in Nowhere, but like a fish's gills don't work so well in the air, the Nowhere creatures' brains can't fully turn the corner to Earth and they become rather stupid here.

They're mean where ever they are.

The arthopods of Nowhere have strangely human-like faces, but they always look angry, like an irate schoolmaster. Even when they are in our world, they are only half here. Their forms are shimmery as heat haze. Their shadows seem more solid; They look like very flat mirrors or thin pools of mercury. The arthopods are always after something, but often they can't remember what it is.

Stats: Use the stats for the Phase Spider.


Anonymous said...

I guess those anthropods are just misfits wherever they go.

Trey said...

Heh. Sad, but true.

Electron Stories said...

Awesome stuff! I will have to use these guys in my Friday game. I have been heavily using your Weird Adventures supplement for my game. Looking forward to seeing a Weird Adventures companion someday!

Trey said...

Thanks, Ian. The Companion is still on the radar, despite the time that has past. My Hydra Collective publishing partners have expressed interest in it.

Chris C. said...

That's pretty scary, especially now that spring is here and all the bugs are coming back.