Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Comics: Storm: The People of the Desert (part 3)

My exploration of the long-running euro-comic Storm, continues. Earlier installments can be found here.

Storm: The People of the Desert (1979) (part 2)
(Dutch: Het Volk van de Woestijn; Alternate English title: The People of the Plains)
Art by Don Lawrence & Script by Dick Matena

The heli-jet lands at the Prof's lab. He reveals to Ember that he was controlling Storm. He plans to turn them into his homo incultus, too, so that they may lead his new race. Ember resists, by the Prof has one of the White People disarm her. Seeing Storm in the Prof's DNA changing machine gives her a surge of strength to fight back. She grabs the gun and fires, inadvertently hitting the hypnometer. All the mind-controlled slaves are freed.

Hanyin wakes up just in time to signal an alarm as the White People in the mines revolt. The now freed Storm knocks out the Prof, and he and Ember escape in the heli-jet. Unfortunately, Hanyin sees them fly by:

Storm and Ember are found by the White People who recognize them as fellow fugitives. They heal the two with their powers, then sit down in a circle and seem to be performing some silent ritual.

Meanwhile, Hanyin is getting his men together to round up the desert people. The Prof warns him it won't be so easy. Hanyin finds out that's true when his heli-jets are sweep into a desert storm that the White People somehow created.

Hanyin survives the crash. He makes it to a rock reef outcropping where he's found be Storm and the desert folk. Hanyin challenges them to a one man fight,  Storm has a score to settle, so he volunteers. Though the White People could easily deal with their former captor, they agree. Storm and Hanyin seem pretty eveningly matched, but the fight ends abruptly when Hanyin's helmet (and sunglasses) get knocked of:

He's permanently blinded by the sun's harsh glare. The White People let him go. The desert will take care of him.

Before they leave for the deep desert, the White People have one more villain to take care of. They capture the Prof and put him in his machine, making him desert adapted like them. The White People bid Storm and Ember could bye and go off to build a new life. Our heroes find a new aero-transporter and fly out of the desert.

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